About Us

Let me introduce myself - my name is Frank Cefaloni and I, along with my wife and family, own and operate Jilmarpet Kennels. My love for the German Shepherd dog started at a young age and to this day has not diminished. My first involvement with this breed of dog began over 30 years ago in the training area. My love of training grew to include tracking and personal protection. I have trained extensively ranging from basic obedience with family pets to personal protection service dogs for victims of violence. My involvement in training was the catalyst for our breeding program as it became increasingly apparent that many German Shepherds I worked with lacked the qualities that the breed was originally bred for but have been retained in European genetics. Our breeding program started in 1989 with the philosophy of producing working quality shepherds that are easy to train, courageous, protective, loyal, reliable and healthy - all in one dog. Temperament, working ability, and health, have always been at the forefront of our breeding program. We are consistently focused on improving our kennel by introducing new bloodlines from Europe.

Our aim is to produce quality pups and not necessarily a quantity of pups. Our pups are suitable for a broad range of lifestyles from a loyal family guardian to a Police service dog.